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What our clients say

“If I had to recommend someone for your needs in sales funnels and any kind of online tools to get your business booming it would be Timothy.

His skills and talents are second to none in getting your business up and going no matter your business genre. He consults with you one on one, advises on the latest trends in marketing and is most intuitive.

I highly recommend Timothy for your business needs.

It’s just plain out winning all the way!”

John-Pierce Armelin, Business Owner

“I engaged Timothy as a web designer to build my website, keys2collaboration.
He did not disappoint, it’s still early days for my site, but already several of my visitors praised the look and feel. Including how it shares information and promotes interaction.

But it does not stop there. In Timothy, you will also get a coach, with a full package of recommendations on how to design and interact with visitors and clients. With Timothy, I got a practical guide into marketing for newbies, I learned about the hero, USP, and much more.

Besides, he is an authentic and nice guy.
You have nothing to lose, just book that call and start building your dreams!”

Magnus Vestin, Agile Coach

“Having had the pleasure of working with Timothy it became clear that he offers more than just exceptional websites.

Timothy is a driven, kind and caring person who caters to the needs of his global network.

The journey of working with Timothy has been eye opening and I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Having a website that not only looks good but that also performs can change your business. Thanks Tim.”

Sam Neame, CEO, Success & Business Coach

“After I’ve been in the hands of web designers that didn’t understand my vision and the ”vibe” I wanted for my website, I hired Timothy and he blew my mind with his understanding and creativity. He has the ability to understand exactly what you mean and then he is ”just doing it”!

Not only does he understand what you want when it comes to the feeling and function, but he also helps you with the aesthetic parts, he really sees the whole picture from images, colors, text, and the message you want to give to your customers.

To work with Timothy is not only about his knowledge and skills, it’s also his patience, encouragement, and inspiring attitude, he supports you in your vision and makes you feel like everything is possible. You want magic, call Timothy!“

Angela Bergwall, Mindset Coach & Entrepreneur

“Tim was wonderful to work with. I asked for many different variations during the design process of my website and he was very patient in working with me until I found the one that worked best!

He is very professional, easy to work with, and very responsive. Although we have never met in person, I found Tim to be highly personable, and capable of both backend and frontend development. For someone who’s just starting their business and looking to maximize their investment, working with someone like Tim is the way to go!

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for design services…and an awesome new friend. He’s great like that too.”

Olivia Mercado, Health & Wellness Coach

“Timothy has a brilliant way of seeing the customer journey and creating web design and web sites that give the client what they are looking for!

Often, we are just too close to our own businesses to be able to have this clarity! I also was so grateful for the complimentary discovery call as it gave me a a personal bespoke approach to what I particularly needed for my web design

He’s a pleasure to work with, hugely creative and I’m totally over the moon about implementing the web design he has created for my business.

He’s simplified a large bulky website into a streamlined design that gets clients and has a clear purpose with a deep understanding of brand and style too

He absolutely delivers on what he advertises with insight and flair.”

Anne-Marie Clulow, Intimacy Coach

“Timothy is a real talent both in creating and in understanding. He created my vision without I even had to describe it to him very closely, he just knew.

He designed the website pretty quickly and even gave me more ideas and business tips. He is definitely an overdeliver! He gave me a very good price for his services and did a lot more work than he was “obligated” to and still does. We will keep in touch and keep on working together because I know he gives my business value.

Timothy is your man if you need a website or help with your business!”

Claudia Lennerp, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

“Timothy and I had a consult call about my website – an online piece of property I was never fully confident about.

Within minutes, he pointed out small tweaks that made the user experience so much better and helped me feel so much better about my website.

His perspective on something that I’m too close to, mentally and emotionally, was refreshing and extremely useful. Even as a marketer, I need the help of professionals like Timothy to look at the bigger picture and find those blind spots.

He’s the kind of professional who only gives recommendations after looking deeply into the issue, existing materials, and strategy – that’s how I do things, and how I know he’s a brilliant partner to any business that needs assistance with building a new website from scratch or revamping an existing one.”

Yuval Ackerman, Copywriter and Email Marketing Expert

“I was lucky to get a website review from Timothy and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

Not only is he extremely nice and friendly he also proved himself to be a true professional.
If you think that friends can give you good insights that make a difference you are wrong!

Timothy knows what makes real difference for a sales page, he delivered very valuable expert insights on my speaker website that will ensure that I will sell my services better.

Now I know what to do next and I’d love to hire Timothy in the future.”

Åsa Rydhard, Executive Trainer

“I took advantage of an offer that Timothy put out for a free web review of my existing site.

He looked over my whole site and in a 30 minute call gave me a really detailed list of changes that I could make to improve things. Plus a couple of bits that I really needed to add that I hadn’t even thought about! like a privacy policy! oops! got that added quickly.

I worked through all the amendments that he suggested. I messaged him again to see if he would be kind enough just to have a quick look and see what he thought. Which he kindly did really quickly. He came back with a few additional suggestions which were really helpful. You don’t always spot everything.

It was so great to be able to have the opportunity to get the help and advice of such a talented designer. He gave me simple things to improve that should help the conversion rate of my website, which is awesome from a very short call.

It was so lovely to have access to this kind of help when I am at a point of not having much cash flow. If he is this good with some free advice image how good it must be to work with to build a new website!

Can’t recommend Timothy enough he is such a lovely guy with a great depth of knowledge.”

Claire Peacock, Graphic Designer

“Timothy exceeded all my expectations!

His fine sense of detail, his professional approach, presence, and responsiveness to my wishes but also his inputs and concrete good suggestions for the best results.

He is incredibly professional.”

Lorett Matheus, Holistic Coach

“Timothy is incredibly good at what he does.

He is responsive and listens to what the customer wants and is looking for. Timothy is creative and creates magic, comes up with great ideas that I loved.

A professional website that I think will sell by itself. So happy. A thousand thanks.”

Anna Darnegård, Business Owner

“Thank you Timothy for helping me with my website.

You are flexible and responsive which is important to me. The website was amazing!”

Manuela Liegnell, Motivational Speaker & Business Coach

Time to get a website that gets you clients?

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. All our agreements include a section about this, all the content is your property. We just want to be able to put it in our portfolio.

Regarding the domain, it’s from client to client, some prefer us to manage everything, while some want to own the domain themselves, so it’s really up to you. Either way, all our clients are recommended to use SiteGround, since that’s a trusted partner who we know provides great hosting.


Most of our clients come to us with a budget starting from €2.500 and all the way up to €20.000. It all depends on your wants and needs, the design, purpose and functions. Our average client pays around €3.000. Our starter pack is cheaper for the new business owner who just wants something simple.

You can read more about our packages here: Services


Depending on the size and features of the project, it can take between 2-10 weeks. Some projects take a bit longer due to different revisions and how big the project is but approximately 1.5 months.


Yes! Even though most of our clients prefer that we manage and maintain their websites, you have the option to do it yourself. 

We offer full maintenance and support to all our clients, which is recommended. We also offer consultation and training.

Read more about our service packages here: Services

Where are you located?

Short answer: Worldwide.

We work online with clients all around the world, as well as handpicked team members.

The company was founded in Sweden, but has since then been re-registered in Spain, due to a move of the CEO.

Who knows where the company will be registered in a few years. One thing is sure though – we will still serve clients worldwide.

What does your process look like?

1. We have a Strategy Call together for about an hour to get to know you, your business and your goals.
2. We collect reference website from you to know what style you like.
3. We create a moodboard and wireframing (“Skeleton”) for the website.
4. We create the content for the website, images & copy (text).
5. Design & Development.
6. Setups, checklist, testing.
7. Reviews from you and make changes.
8. Launch.

But you really just have to think about step 1, 2, 7 and 8.

What type of businesses do you work with?

We work with both online and local businesses around the world. We know everyone needs a good website in today’s online world to properly reflect their business and attract new customers.

If you have a project, we can make it.

How does your payment work?

We take 50% of the payment upfront before we start the project and the other 50% when our job is done, before launch.

We usually take our payments through Stripe or a bank transfer.